Are You a Running Mom?

Running mom, does any of this sound like you?

runner mom

You know you're a running mom when...

...the best way you can think of giving your kids a timeout is to go for a run, even if it means pushing them in the jogging stroller. need a vacation, so you plan a race. plan other life events around your running schedule. set your alarm for as early as 4:00 am to go for a run even if you went to bed at 2:00 am, because sleep is expendable, running is not.

...if you haven't run yet today, you've been obsessing about it all day, and if you have run, you've been obsessing all day about how your run went and how you can have a better run next time. You might even go out for a second run this evening because you need a do-over.

...when you get grumpy, your husband or co-workers say, "You need a run, don't you?"

...your kids know mommy is a runner, they automatically cheer for all the runners, and if they can walk yet, they've probably already done a couple races of their own.

What makes YOU a runningMom? Share your stories here.

Some mom runners are really fast and we love them for it! Others of us enjoy being slow runners, it gives us more time to ourselves. But we do get a little competetive sometimes too.

The one thing we have in common is that after chasing our kids, staying up all night treating flu's, cooking for our familes, taking care of our husbands, children, jobs, getting an education, whatever it is we're busy with, we still make time and find the energy (even if we have to drink a couple extra cups of coffee), to get out there and run.

Running is our life-line.

Whether your goal is to run your first 5k or your first 50 mile ultra marathon, lose weight or become faster so you can qualify to run the Boston marathon, explore all the trails outside your back door or run all 50 states and 7 continents, our goal at is to help make your running experience the best it can be.

Are you a new mom runner? Then our goal is to help make this transformation as smooth, pleasurable and therapeutic as possible.

Are you looking to improve your fitness? Then these tips on running for fitness might be of some help to you. Or maybe you want to get faster? Then you may want to check out speed training, mama style, no knowledge of marathon versus 5k pace necessary for these speed training runs.

Maybe you want to connect with moms like you. Then check out the Running Woman Beckyongoing discussions in our running forums or join the running community where you can create your very own profile, link to your blog, find running groups and join our weekly chats.

Every month, we feature an inspiring running mom. This month's inspiring mom is running woman, Becky.Check out our interview with Becky about what makes her inspiring.

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RunningMom Table of Contents...

Marathon Running Gear
Here's a complete guide to all the marathon running gear you need. Now you can focus your attention on training for the big event.
Running Music: Running Songs and Alternatives to Running with Music
Running music and other alternatives to inspire your run.
Races: A Fun Family Event
Not only a competitive sport, races can also be a fun way for your family to spend time together.
Half Marathon Running: Endurance Running
Half marathon running can be a fun and achievable goal to work towards for the serious runner.
Free Home Workout: 12 Week Plan for Beginners
This 12 Week Free Home Workout Plan is for beginners or those who are looking to get back in shape.
Amazing Mom
Tips for moms and interactive forums on how to be an amazing mom.
At Home Workouts
There are many at home workouts that are great for cross training or when you are unable to run during an injury recovery.
Baby Jogging Strollers
Tips on types of baby jogging strollers and how to find the right one for you and your baby.
Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller
Review by running mom of baby trend expedition jogging stroller.
Barefoot Running
A lot of runners find pounding the pavement day after day boring and look for new exciting ways to spice up there running. Barefoot running and Trail running are two fun ways to mix it up and get a good workout.
Best Jogging Strollers
Reviews by Running Moms of Best Jogging Strollers
BOB Revolution Stroller
Review by running mom of BOB Revolution stroller.
Bob Sport Utility Stroller
Review of BOB Sport Utility stroller by running mom of two.
Chariot Cougar Stroller
Review by ultra running mom of chariot cougar stroller.
Choosing a Jogging Stroller
Tips on choosing a jogging stroller that's right for you and your baby. Comparison of different jogging strollers.
Exercise During Pregnancy
Interview with Crystal who ran her first marathon in her first trimester of pregnancy about exercise during pregnancy.
Family Fun Fitness
As a mom and a runner you can imagine that family fitness is an important part of my life and family. I enjoy getting my family out of the house for some family fun fitness activities that we all love and enjoy.
Half Marathon Training Schedule
Here is a 12 week half marathon training schedule for a beginning-intermediate runner.
Home Workout Equipment Reviews
Check out these home workout equipment reviews or share your own reviews.
How to Buy Running Shoes
Here are some simple steps to help you learn how to buy running shoes so you get the right pair for you.
Instep Jogging Stroller
Review by running mom of instep jogging stroller.
Jeep Jogging Stroller
Review by running mom of Jeep jogging stroller.
Long Distance Running
Long distance running is a relative term.
Maternity Support Belt for Runners
Review of Gabrialla maternity support belt by pregnant runner, Bethany.
Morning Sickness
Learn how to combat morning sickness and how running can actually help.
Running Equipment
Running Mom's favorite running equipment selections.
Running Pictures
This page is all about beautiful places to run. You can post your running pictures below and show off the awesome places you get to run.
Running To Lose Weight
Five reasons why you might be struggling with running to lose weight.
Running Vacations
We all love to run and taking our passion on the road for running vacations is just the next step.
Running Blogs
Here is a great directory of running blogs, want to add yours great just fill out the form.
Running Training Program
Find a running training program to help you whether you're just getting started running or you're training for a marathon.
Running Woman
When did you know that you were in love with running? Running woman share stories about how they got into running.
What Is Cross Training
Explanation of what is cross training, how it can help you and suggestions for some good cross training workouts for runners.
Runner Gifts
Want to get that runner something special, here are some cool runner gifts for every runner in every price range.
Running Articles
Running articles and resources for running women. Check out the helpful articles already contributed by other running moms or contribute your own article.
Exercise After Pregnancy
Exercise after pregnancy can be a wonderful experience but it can also be a bit discouraging sometimes too.
Woman Running Questions
Common questions asked by running moms and answers by other woman running.
Running Tips and Techniques
10 Running Tips for a Successful Runner.
Beginning Runner: Getting Started Running
Everything You Need to Know to Get Started for the Beginning Runner
Running Forums for Running Moms
The running forums are a place for running moms to discuss topics they feel are important. Join in on the discussions or start your own.
Contact Running-Mom
Contact Running-Mom with your questions or comments here. We love to hear from you!
Fit Moms
This is a place to nominate yourself or other fit moms who inspire you.
Running Technique
Tips on how to improve running technique.
Runners Diet: Fuel Your Workout and Maintain a Healthy Weight.
Healthy meals and snacks for the runners diet, before during and after.
Fitness Motivation: How to Start Running Again
Fitness motivation for those days you don't feel like running or those tought times when you are starting running all over again after taking time off.
Womens Running Clothes & Accessories
Running moms' favorite womens running clothes & accessories.
Running Shoe Reviews
Share your running shoe reviews or read helpful reviews from other runners.
Rate Treadmills
Rate treadmills and help other running moms find the perfect one!
Best Workout DVDs Reviews
Running moms review best workout DVDs to supplement your running.
Running Shoes: Find The Perfect Shoe For You
Everything you need to know to find the perfect running shoes.
Lose Weight by Running
10 tips to help you lose weight by running.
Weight Training for Runners
Beginning weight training for runners.
Fun Rebounder Exercises
Here are some fun and very effective rebounder exercises to try at home.
Home Workout Plan: At Home Workouts
Here is a simple home workout plan you can use to compliment your running routine.
How to Start Running: 8 Week Plan
An 8 week guide for how to start running.
Jogging Stroller Tips
Interactive forum for running moms to discuss jogging stroller tips.
The Nursing Sports Bras Enigma
Do nursing sports bras exist that are as good at multi tasking as us running moms.
Nursing Sports bras
Running moms' favorite nursing sports bras.
Running for Fitness and Other Workouts
Running for Fitness: How to Stay Totally Fit
Running Tips for Running Moms
Whether you are a new runner, or just new to being a running mom, here are some running tips.
Speed Training Workouts
Here are 10 speed training workouts to help you increase your running speed.
Interval Training: Speed Work for the Runne, Better Fitness Results for Ev
Interval training to increase running speed and to promote fitness in any cardio workout.
Breastfeeding in Public
Tips for the running mom on breastfeeding in public.
Yoga for Runners: Improve Your Fitness with Yoga
Yoga for Runners has many benefits, including helping to avoid injury and improve your overall fitness
Running Back Pain: Causes and Treatment
Tips on running and other exercises that can help cure running back pain.
Strength Training for Runners
Why Strength Training for Runners is So Important
Womens Running Gear
Running mom favorite selections for womens running gear from 5k racing w/ a jogging stroller to ultra marathon running.
Cheap Running Shoes
How to buy cheap running shoes without sacrificing quality.

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