What is Cross Training?

What is cross training, have you ever asked your self this? Here we've put together some great cross training workouts.

What is Cross Training

What Is Cross Training?

Cross training is any type of workout other than your primary workout. So if you're a runner, cross training is any workout other than running. If you're a biker, cross training is any workout except biking.

A runner can bike as a cross training workout and a biker can run as a cross training workout.

Why Cross Train?

There are a few reasons for cross training.

1) Cross training gives your body a break so that your muscles, feet, joints, back and everything else that gets a pounding during running can recover.

Ever go for a really long, hard run and wake up the next morning feeling like someone snuck into your bed in the middle of the night with a baseball bat? But then you start moving around and you feel better?

Your body might need a break from running so your muscles can repair themselves, but moving around sure helps you feel better. So what do you do? You got it, cross training! And a really great cross training workout, such as yoga, can actually help aid recovery.

2) Cross training helps build overall fitness.

Sure your legs get a great workout from running, but what about your arms? If you push a jogging stroller, your arms probably get quite a workout too. But maybe you're still trying to build that nice six pack in your abs.

Cross training is a good way to workout the parts of your body that don't get enough of a workout during your primary workout.

3) Cross training workouts such as strength training can actually make you a better runner.

4) If you're trying to lose weight or just getting used to building endurance, cross training can help you more than just running alone.

What Are Some Good Cross Training Workouts for Runners?

Weight Training, Biking, Swimming, Pilates, Yoga

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