Marathon Running Gear

Here's a complete guide to all the marathon running gear you need.

How to Carry Your Stuff

When it comes to carrying your drink of choice, food, keys, iPod and whatever else you plan to bring to the marathon, you have a few options.

The first thing to figure out is how you prefer to carry it, whether on your back, around your waist, strapped to your arm, or in your hand.

There's no right way, just what is most comfortable for you. And whatever you choose, you'll want to try it out on at least one of your runs before the marathon.

Here's a selection of camelbaks, fuel belts, arm bands and other running accessories as well as the pros and cons of each.

What to Wear

This depends on whether you are running in the winter or summer, whether you want to look sexy or be comfortable or have a little of both.

Keep in mind that the weather is not always the same when you're training as it will be on marathon day, so you'll want to try out a few things on your training runs.

Here are some of my favorite running clothes for marathon day.

What Else Should You Bring?

You have enough to think about on race day with calming your nerves, getting up on time and all the other excitement that comes with running a marathon.

So here's a checklist of what to take with you to help ease some of the pressure off your big day.

I've broken it down to what to pack in your bag that you check and what you might want to carry with you during the run. Enjoy!

Now that we have that covered, you can focus your attention on training for the big event.

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