How to Buy Running Shoes

How to buy running shoes, is this something you have asked yourself? Well here are some tips to help you learn how to buy them so you get the right pair for you.

How to buy Running Shoes

How To Buy Running Shoes: A 9 Step Checklist

1) Find a good running store in your area.

Ask other runners what stores they recommend in the area. It is key to find a store where the shoe-sales-people know how to help fit you for the right shoe.

2) Pick a store that offers gait analysis.

I prefer stores that do a running analysis, where they video tape me running on a treadmill and then play it back to see my running style.

If you do not have a store in your area that does this, make sure they at least watch you walk or run and can evaluate your running style that way.

When learning how to buy running shoes it is important to know that there are different types of running shoes that offer extra support to help compensate for overpronating (your foot rolls inward), supinating (your foot rolls outward) or neutral shoes if your foot doesn't need any support.

3) Have the sales person measure your foot length and width.

You want a shoe that fits well and is comfortable without being too loose or too tight. So even if you are sure you know your size, get measured just in case it does not hurt but it can help you get the right shoe.

4) Your running shoes should be a half a size bigger than your regular shoes.

You foot will swell during your run so it is very important that you go up half a size. You don't want the shoe to be too loose because that will cause blisters, but you don’t want it to be too tight that you wind up losing all your toe nails. You are looking to have a little extra room in the toe box of the shoe.

5) Bring your running socks with you.

Make sure you bring in the socks you will be wearing during your runs. Some socks are very think and some have extra cushioning, causing you to need a wider shoe.

6) Quality and fit of shoe comes before style.

We all want a cool looking shoe, but unfortunately the best running shoes are not always the best looking. I for one never get the cool shoe. My foot requires me to usually get the ugliest shoe they have but if it's going to get me out there running pain free, I don’t care. So remember to choose the shoe based on fit not style.

7) Run in the shoes before you buy decide to buy them.

Most running stores have a treadmill for this purpose, if the store you are at does not then they should let you go outside for a short run. Walking around the store is just not enough to decide if the shoe is good for you to run in.

If the store will not let you go out for a run or you are not dressed for a run, then ask about their return policy and MAKE SURE you can bring them back after you try them out on a run.

8) Check the return policy.

I have found that some shoes don’t feel right after a longer run. So before I make a purchase, I always make sure I can take them back after a long run. Most stores will let you as long as you clean them up and return them within 15-30 days.

9) Okay now you know how to buy running shoes and you got your new shoes and are super excited. Now there is only one thing left to do and that is going for a run. Do a couple short runs then get in a longer run to see how they feel. If you are not happy then take them back and get a different pair. And remember you should not have pain, if you have any pain during your runs then these are not the shoes for you and you should take them back.

Where to Buy Running Shoes

With your first pair of running shoes you should follow the directions on how to buy running shoes, and you'll want to buy them in a running shoe store so you can get gait analyzis which we described in step 2. For a running shoe store directory, click here.

But once you know how to buy running shoes and which shoe is right for you, you might be able to get a better deal by buying running shoes online. One great place to buy running shoes is Road Runner Sports, and if you join their VIP program, you have up to 60 days to return them.


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