Running Music:
Take It or Leave It?

Running music can be an inspiration but it can also get in the way sometimes.

When I need some inspiration or just a break from my thoughts, it's great to have some good running songs.

Do you listen to music while you run?

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On the other hand, running without music helps me proove what I'm capable of and get in touch with my inner muse.

It's also good to practice running in silence sometimes since iPods and MP3 players can be a bit moody and freeze up or the battery dies right in the middle of a run.

Also some don't allow you to listen to music while you run, which is not so bad because then you get to hang out with the other runners and maybe hear some interesting stories.

Sometimes listening to music can just be downright dangerous. When I'm pushing the jogging stroller, I won't even think of listening to music. I have way too much to pay attention too.

But there's nothing like going for a solo run, just me and the iPod. Here are some of my favorite running songs.

Whether you choose to run with music or not, it's nice to leave it the music and other props home sometimes and just observe your suroundings.

You will notice things you never noticed before when you are running. A bush, a building, a butterfly, something that you normally wouldn't notice may catch your attention.

Running is like being in an enlightened state. Your adrenalin is rushing, your mind is spinning, you feel euphoric.

When I was in college, I ran before I studied. I absorbed much more information that way and did much better on biology tests. When I have writers block, running is my muse.

You'd be surprised by what running will do not just for your physical health, but emotionally, psychologically, socially, even spiritually.

Many ideas have been born while running and I partnered up.

For headphone, ipod, coming soon.

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