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Does anyone know what brand this jogging stroller is? 
We got it as a hand me down and it seems pretty nice, but would like to by some replacement parts for it and can't figure out what the brand is. If anyone …

Pregnant Marathon 
I just found out I was pregnant. I have been planning on running a full marathon in June. Up to this point I have ran 35-40 miles a week. I have not been …

Speed work while pregnant 
I run between 25-20 miles a week now that I am pregnant (16 weeks) and my longest run has been between 8-9 miles. I am still doing speed work every other …

How to know what and how much to eat while in training 
I'm currently training for a tough mud run. My friend and I are both nursing our babies and training together for this mud run and sometimes we are lost …

POD city mini jogging stroller 
My husband and I are both runners and we are looking for a good jogging stroller to use with our 2 and 4 year old. We have looked at a couple.. Suggestions …

Cold weather runs w/ Kids 
I live right outside of Denver and it has been COLD this past week. Our good days have been mostly in the 20s. I've been slacking on running with my …

Mom of 3 trying to get back in shape! 
Nov 1, 2011 Ahh, the joys of pregnancy! Knowing you are growing another human being inside your body, feeling those little (or not so little) kicks …

Best Running Stroller for Newborns? 
I am a new running mommy! I'm anxious to get back into my running routine but I'm concerned about the safety of my 6 week old during my jog. Any experience …

Breastfeeding Mom Getting Ready for NYC Marathon - Looking for People with Experience 
I am the mother of a five-month old baby who I have been breastfeeding exclusively. I am also preparing to run the NYC marathon in November, and starting …

Breastfeeding and ultramarathon training 
Hi, I'd be interested if anyone here has trained for an ultramarathon while still feeding regularly?

Long Distance Runs During Pregnancy 
I run about 100 miles per week right now and have been running in marathons for over a decade. I am pregnant now and I am wondering if any running moms …

Keeping the baby cool in the stroller. 
Wondering if there are any cool (pun intended) methods for keeping the baby cool in the stroller.

Pregnant Runner  
I am now in my 37th week of pregnancy or Full term if you like and can still manage and enjoy may i add a 3 or 4 mile run,ok jog..and i am getting abit …

Running Partners 
I'm 37, and love to run--dirt trails, especially hills. I get a bit competitive, but enjoy casual runs (175 heart rate). I'd like to meet other women in …

Newbie Training Schedule 
I have a almost 5 month old - first time mom AND first time marathon coming up on May 1...any great training schedules you love? I just ran an 8 miler …

I would like someone to discuss Cystocele and how they dealt with it and how they continued training.

Training for a 5k 
I have been training on the treadmill. Usually I try to jog at about 5.3-5.6 mph. Is that good enough? How do you try and lengthen your time long enough …

What Makes a Real Runner? 
On my run today, I was thinking about a comment made by one of my running mom friends over what makes a real runner. I was wondering if you could help …

Running Stroller Fitness Tracker 
Hello Everyone, Has anyone ever come across a fitness tracker that is specifically made for a running stroller? I know that there are plenty of fitness …

Stroller for Older Child 
Wondering what moms use when they take kids on a long run. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old that I need to take with me on 6+ miles run or walks. …

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