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Jogging stroller, that was the top item on my baby registry. At the time, I didn't know any other running moms and I had no idea what I was in for!

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I'll never forget the first time I ran with my baby in the stroller. Actually when I first put my BOB together, the instructions said it was for babies 8 months and older.

So the first time I went for a run with my baby, I ran down the street in my Eddie Bouer heavy duty stroller with four tiny wheels. My infant son sat in the car seat attached to the stroller and screamed and screamed the whole way.

I tried pulling out every toy, bottle and trick I'd packed in the diaper bag, but nothing worked. I don't know what kept me from giving up running right then and there!

But by the summer we were team professional, running in the park, pushing with one hand at a time, stopping for nursing breaks, as he got older, stopping for some time on the playground.

A big part of what got me through learning to run with a baby was meeting other running moms who were doing the same thing. So now I'd like to give you the same benefit.

Just join in on the forums here and share your tips, successes, stories, trials, questions, and let's help each other through this great, mind bogeling, hair pulling but more-often-than-not soul-upliting adventure!

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Clearsky Not rated yet
Where can I find a jogging stroller for twins?

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