Everything You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Running Shoes
Before You Buy Running Shoes

Running shoes is probably the most important thing to choose before you step foot out the door and start running. Here are some tips on how to find the right ones.

running shoes

How To Choose Good Shoes for Running

The reason choosing your running shoes is so important is that many running injuries are prevented and your running is enhanced by having the proper shoe.

Your shoes will probably also be the biggest expense you'll have as a runner, so before you make this big investment, here are some tips on how to choose your running sneakers.

Running Sneaker Reviews

If you are looking for some advice about a particular pair of running sneakers, check out these reviews. While your there, if you've found that perfect pair of running sneakers, help other running moms by sharing your review.

Where to Buy Running Sneakers

Your local running store is a great place to purchase your first pair of shoes. They can do a gait analysis and make sure you are choosing the right pair for you. Here are some tips on how to buy running sneakers at your local shoe store.

But if you already know what running sneakers you are looking for, you might get a better deal by shopping online.

If you've found a great discount running store in your area, please do share your great find with other running moms.

How Long Should Your Running Sneakers Last?

running shoe, running sneakerIf your sneakers look like this, it's probably time to buy a new pair. Not only is it important to have a pair of running shoes custom for your foot and size, but it is also important they be in good condition. Once they become worn out, you risk unnecessary pain and soreness or even injuring yourself if you continue to run in them.

Actually the thing to take a close look at, is the sole of the foot. If you are feeling an injury coming on, check out the sole of our shoes to see if they are wearing out. If they are be sure to replace them before they cause you any further pain.

A good pair of running sneakers will last about six months or about 300-500 miles, whichever comes first.

Running Socks

Before you go shopping for shoes to run in, you want to get some good running socks. Here are my favorite running socks.

If you run in extremely cold weather, these running socks will help keep you warm.

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