Runner Gifts

Runner gifts, what are they? Here are some cool gifts for every runner in every price range.

Cool Running Gifts

Not only am I a runner, but I also know many other runners too. So when it is birthday or Christmas time I tend to lean toward great runner gifts. Below is a list of things that make great gifts for runners. No matter the skill level I am sure you can find the perfect gift for your runner.

Runners Card
What runner would not love to get a birthday card about running? This is the perfect card for any runner, and they will think you are the bomb for finding such a perfect card!
Every runner should have a RoadID. I never go running without mine. A RoadID has all your contact information and medical infomation on it. So if the worst does happen the first responders have the information they need. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your runner! It may just save their life.
Garmin 305 The Garmin Forerunner 305 is the ultimate runnr gift and just what every runners wants. This little gadget will tell you your speed, distance and heart rate. It does so many other things that many runners refer to it as Coach Garmin.
A running-mom shirt is the a great gift for that mother/runner in your life. Let her know you think she is a super mom with our SuperMom shirt. Or check out our other Running-Mom shirts and pick the one that you like best!
Super Mom
Bondi Band
Bondi Bands are a must for all running women. These keep the hair out of your face and they do not slip at all. Bondi Bands was gracious enough to give our readers a discount on all orders. So if you want to get some bondi bands just put "runningmom" in the coupon code to save 5% on your order.
I love my fuel belt. And it makes a great gift for runners. This one holds up to four bottles and has a pocket for your Gu or Chews. It is great for long runs or to keep you hydrated during the summer heat.
Fuel Belt
Hydration Pack
This hydration pack is made special for women. It is a great runner gifts for those ultra runners or trail runners. This is also a great gift for those runners who also go hiking or biking and can bring this along for all their hydration needs.
A foam roller is everyone runners friend. Foam rollers help runners stretch out sore muscles and work out all the kinks. It is also great to help with stretching before and after runs. This makes a perfect runner gift that every runner will want and love you for getting them.
Foam Roller
Runners Wallet
This runners wallet is awesome because it can be worn on your arm, on your shoe, around your neck or clipped to your waist. It will hold your keys some cash and an id. This is a gift for every runner and is another great stocking stuffer too.
Born to run has taken the running world by storm. If you have not read this book yet then I highly recommend reading it and buying it for every runner you know. It is a great read and explains how we are a running people. This book has inspired me and many others to go barefoot. The perfect gift for a runner who reads.
Born to Run
Belega Socks
Every runner wears socks so a great pair of socks is always a welcome runner gifts. These Belega socks make it feel like running on down feathers, not to mention that they are cute and stylish too. They can also make a great stocking stuffer too.

Many runners try and get their runs in while it is still early or late. This means a lot of running in the dark. This reflective vest is not only a great gift but it could save a life too. This one is a lot more stylish than the typical yellow or orange ones too.
Reflective Vest
Running Skirt
All women love to feel pretty, and nothing makes us feel prettier while running than a running skirt. This one is so cute and flirty every woman would love to get out and run in it. So if you want to get some major points this is the gift to give that running mom she will love you for it.
An inspirational movie for every runner. From the Elite to the first time marathoner this video tells the stories of four runners on their journey to run the Chicago Marathon. This is a great runner gifts for any runner at any level, it is inspiring to watch and makes you want to get out there and run.
Spirt of the Marathon
Foot Soak
our feet get quie a beating running, and there's nothing like a foot soak to help us feel better...and make our feet look better too! Try this nice smelling Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak...and if you really wana make her happy, go all out and get her the foot spa to go along with it.
Foot Spa

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