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Womens Running Clothes & Accessories

Womens running clothes, do you find yourself pulled to this department every time you go shopping? I know I do!

Womens Running Clothes

Nothing makes me want to go for a run like a new piece of running clothing. Here are some of our favorites.

How To Make Your Womens Running Clothes Last

I've had most of my running clothes for years. The secret is to not put them in the dryer. After I wash my running clothes, I hang them up over the shower rack to air dry.

Running Skirts

Running skirts can be worn on their own or over a pair of tights or capris. They usually have a pair of shorts built into them to help prevent chafing.

A good running skirt can make you feel like one sexy athlete! Here are some of my favorites.

Pants, Capris or Shorts?

My favorite thing to run in is Capris. They don't leave too much of me hanging out, they're made of a moisture-whicking fabric that prevents chafing and they're multi-seasonal in a place like New York City where the weather is usually not too extreme.

If you do have extreme winters, check out winter running pants.

When i'm going for a long run, I like to wear these CW-X Women's Stabily 3/4 Running Tights. They feel a little funny when you first put them on because they're really tight, but they are so comfortable once you run in them.

I disobeyed the rules and wore these for the first time on my first 30-mile run and they were wonderful. I didn't feel a bit of soreness during my run.

Running T-Shirts

Do you have a drawer full of running shirts from all the races you've done? Apparently there are rules on what shirt you should wear to a race.

Did you know that you are not supposed to wear the race shirt of the race you're running to that race? But if you've run that race in previous years, you are encouraged to wear that event's race from the previous year you ran it. It gets complicated. I for one, did not get into running to be fashionable.

But I do like to make a statement with my running shirt. That's why we created the super running mom shirt. Check it out here.

Finding a Great Sports Bra

Here you will find reviews from running moms of every shape and size. There are even a few options for nursing sports bras.

Undies that Don't Chafe

If you're having a problem with chafing in the underwear department, don't worry. You're not alone. Here are a few solutions.

1) Buy running clothes with underpants built into them and you don't have to wear anything else.

2) Buy underwear that's made out of spandex/polyester. No running in cotton underwear.

3) Wear body glide or vaseline while you run. Body Glide is made for runners and other sports enthisiasts to prevent chafing. It's water-proof, stays on for longer is less messy then some of the alternatives.

If you don't have body glide around, don't worry, just grab the vaseline or whatever other diaper cream you use and apply generously before you go for a run.

Sexy Running Accessories

What use are good womens running clothes without some accessories to spruce them up! Here are some of our favorites.

Running Shoes

A good shoe can make your run and a bad shoe is probably the number one cause of running injuries. So here are some tips on choosing a good pair of running shoes.

The Perfect Running Socks

As far as I'm concerned, the Balega socks are the best running socks, bar non. I run in them all year long.

But if you're looking for a good running sock to keep you warm in the winter, you'll want to check out these socks.

What is Your Favorite Running Outfit?

Are you one of those running moms that gets more excited about womens running clothes than a brand new car or goes to the store to buy a dress for a dinner party and instead comes home with yet another running outfit.

Share your favorite running outfits with us here. We're going to make this fun with a little competition. At the end of this competition, the winner will get a special prize.

Just share a picture of you in your favorite running outfit.

And don't forget to vote on the other selections!

Enter the Running Outfit Competion

Share a picture of you in your favorite running outfit.

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