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Barefoot running is a way for a lot of runners who find pounding the pavement day after day boring to spice up their running. Barefoot and Trail running are two fun ways to mix it up and get a good workout.

Trail Runner

Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running Unless you are totally new to running you are sure to have heard about all the runners going barefoot these days. The very basic information behind it is that running barefoot is natural and there for we will have less injuries by running this way. I recently decided to give it a shot because I am sick of my ever present injuries that range from shin splints to stress fractures.

Before I took my shoes off I did a lot of reading and talked to many barefoot runners who gave me some awesome advice. I started by going barefoot most of the day and then going on some 2 mile walks with no shoes. Then on my runs I would take my shoes off for the last mile and just run free.

I must confess that while breaking in your feet you will get many blisters, surprisingly these blisters only seem to hurt for maybe a day then you are ready to run again (I guess the feet heal up quick).

I'm still fairly new to the barefoot thing and look forward to sharing more information with you all as I learn what works and what doesn't along the way. I also plan on reviewing some of the books and minimalist shoes on the market to let you know what is good and what is not. So check this page often for there is much more to come.

Trail Running

Trail Running
Living in the Midwest trail running is very popular and very common. I have ventured out on several trail runs over the last few years and I have to say there is nothing like it. You find yourself becoming one with your surroundings. Everything is peaceful and it is just you and the trail.

Many runners venture in to trail running because they are bored with street running, are recovering from injury, or are sick of almost getting hit by cars.

Trail running is much safer than street running for the simple fact that you do not have to worry about the cars, however all the trails I have been on have many mountain bikers too so you do need to watch out for those but if you do have a run in with a bike it is surly not going to cost you your life.

Trails are a great way to run if you are recovering from an injury or just coming back from one. Because the surface is softer than concrete or pavement it is a lot more forgiving on your feet, shins, and knees.

As for the boredom factor, running on trails makes the miles fly by. At least for me I am so concerned about watching where my feet are landing that next thing I know five miles have gone by.

You will also find if you decide to venture out on your local trails that it is a much harder workout. Because you need to lift your feet higher your legs start to feel the run faster.

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