Long Distance Running

Long distance running is a relative term.

Long Distance Running

I remember the first time I ran a half marathon. Boy did that feel like long distance! Actually, the first 10 blocks I ran felt like a pretty long distance at the time.

Then I started meeting ultra running moms who ran marathons as a training run for their 50 or 100 mile ultra marathons.

So What is Long Enough to Be Considered Long Distance?

On this site, we will consider long distance as any run that takes 2 hours or more. I'm a pretty slow runner so that's about 10 miles for me.

Long Distance Runners Nutrition

Once you're out there running for two hours and up, it's important to eat foods that will help fuel your runs, not just before and after, but during your run too.

Check out the runner's diet for some tips on what to eat.

Tips for Long Distance Runners

Here are some long distance tips to help you get the most out of your training.

Long Distance Runner Gear

When you're running long distance, you may find yourself starting to get hungry or thirsty so you have to bring snacks and drinks with you. Everyone has a preference on how they carry their stuff.

Here are some recommendations on the different options out there.

Half Marathon Runners

Thinking of going the 13.1 mile distance? Already run a half marathon and looking to do better next time? Here are some tips to help you train for a half marathon.

Marathon Runners

Here are some marathon running tips. And if you're a beginner-intermediate runner, this training schedule is what I used as a general guideline to train for my first and second marathons.

Since it usually takes a few months to train for a marathon, you sometimes end up running in weather you don't care for in order to run a marathon in nice weather. So if you have to train through the winter to run a nice spring marathon, check out these cold weather running tips.

Interested in running marathons all over the world? Check out my personal marathon bucket list.

Ultra Runners

So you've done some marathons and now you want to try an ultra? Or maybe you've become such a fast runner that marathon running doesn't give you enough time out there. Time to go for 30, 50 or even 100 miles, in order to extend your vacation.

Here you can meet other ultra runners and pick up some long distance tips, ultra style.

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Long Distance Running
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