Cheap Running Shoes

How to Buy Without Giving up on Quality

Cheap running shoes seem like the way to go until you start getting injured and decide they're not worth the cost in medical bills or time off running. So here are some ways to save money without compromising quality.

Cheap Running Shoes

Buy Online

If you are buying a pair of running shoes for the first time, or you are still unsure of what running shoe is best for you, you might want to go into a running store and have gait analysis done.

But once you know what type of running shoe works for you, you will find that you can usually find cheap running shoes by shopping online.

My favorite place to shop for cheap running shoes is Road Runner Sports because I can usually get a good deal, the sales staff is helpful and I can try the shoes for up to 60-90 days and exchange them if they don't work for me.

I always call before placing an order and and ask whether they are running any specials.

Buy More Than One Pair

Often stores will offer a discount on a second pair of shoes. It is also beneficial to buy two pairs because you can make your shoes last longer buy alternating pairs, meaning if you run in a shoe today run in a different shoe tomorrow, this allows the shoes dry if they get wet and also extends the life of the shoe.

Watch for Sales

If you are like me, you tend to buy things impulsively, either because you decide you need or want something and have to have it right now or because you didn't plan ahead and realize your running shoes are way too worn and causing injury.

But if you plan ahead, keep track of your mileage on each pair of shoes and watch for sales, patience can pay off.

But if patience is the last thing you want to hear about, try searching the exact make and model of the shoes you are looking for.

Google is a great way to search for the best price, because you can click on the shopping link on the left and then it shows you the shoes and lists the prices that the websites are looking for.

Look for Coupons

Before I buy anything online, I search for a coupon code. My favorite coupon code site, and the one I find to be the most reliable is coupon cabin.


Share Your Tips

Do you have a tip on how to buy cheap running shoes? Please do share!



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