Family Fun Fitness

Family fun fitness is great for the whole family, as a mom and a runner, I enjoy getting my family out of the house for some activities that we all can do together.

Family Fun Fitness

I am lucky that my husband is fairly active himself and will indulge me when I get a crazy idea of some family fun fitness thing to do. My daughter also loves just being outside so she is usually game for anything I come up with as long as it is outside.

Some of my favorite family fun fitness activities are adventure hikes, bike rides, canoeing, and running. Here are some more fun outdoor games for kids you may be interested in. These are all fun and if you are creative you can make a whole day of fun from them.

Family Hiking
Our idea of Adventure hikes are fun, we find a trail to go walk and try to find different rocks, leafs, and animals. Most of the animals vanish when my daughter comes running by but we can usually see some tracks and find some birds and lizards to check out.
When we go on a bike ride we try and pick someplace that has a lot to see or a place to stop along the way for a nice picnic. Depending where we go we may also go on a hike too. This is a great activity for younger kids because they don’t have to do the work; just sitting in the seat is fun for them.
Family Bike Ride
Family Kayaking


Canoe / kayak trips are so much fun. You do however need to live near a body of water for this activity, but if you do I highly recommend it. In the summer when it is hot this is fun because the water keeps you cool, we usually try and plan a route that has lots of places to stop along the way so we can play in the water, have a picnic, or go for a hike.

Family runs are great too. Because my daughter is still young most of the time this consists of us pushing her in the jogging stroller. If you are interested in learning more about jogging strollers just click here. But once in a while we will run across a toddler race and those are just a blast. We did our first race with my daughter at age two and she did not like it much. Now a year later she wants to run and has a great time racing and loves it when she gets a medal.
Kids Race

Being an active fit family can be a lot of fun for everyone. No matter what your interests are you can find fun active activities for the whole family to participate in. It is not only great for your fitness and health, but it is great for the family in general. So get out there and do something fun and active with your family!

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