Winter Running Gear

Winter running gear can be a little overwhelming for the new runner. I hope to make it a little easier for you to find what you need for those cold winter days.

winter running gear

So here I take you along with me as I peer into my closet and pick up a few new items to, in order to put together that perfect yet affordable winter running gear with that personal running mom flare.

Running Tights

In my search for the perfect running pants I spoke to a bunch of running moms and came up with some tips and recommendations on what to wear and when. Check out what I found here winter running pants and tights.

Wool Socks

Have you taken for granted that your toes are just always freezing in the winter and that's just a part of life? Well I've come to find out this is not the truth, our toes do not have to freeze.

It's bad enough that our toenails often come off from running, there's no reason the toes should have to go through any more battle scars. Instead the freezing can be combated and the toes protected with wool socks.

Saran Wrap

If you plan on experiencing a lot of snow or freezing rain this winter but don't want to be stopped by it, you will want to keep saran wrap in your house to wrap your feet in before you go for a run.

However, before you do so, check out these VERY important tips on putting on saran wrap and other cold weather running tips.

Long Sleeved Fitted Running Shirt

However if you want a really sexy long sleeved running shirt that looks and feels so good it makes you want to go for a run just to wear it, check out these tips on purchasing running shirts for cold weather.

Running Jacket

Here are a few of my running jacket selections. Feel free to dream with me on that hardcore overpriced jacket, you'll finally earn the right to tell your husband you're buying after you qualify for the Boston marathon.

But no worries, you can also find some very reasonable selections to show off that you're a running mom that can do it all and afford it too.

Running Hat

Here is a selection of running hats to keep your warm during your winter runs, whether you prefer something to just cover your ears or to cover your entire head.

Running Gloves

What was that my mama always told me? Keep your extensions warm and the rest of you will be warm. So with the winter running gear so far we've covered the head and toes, now let's take care of the hands and fingers.

There are some fancy running gloves such as the Under Armour that even has an extra pocket to carry cash or a key in. But if you live in a place like New York City, where peddlers line the streets, take advantage of the $3 or two-for $5 deal and your hands will be just fine.

Other Running Accessories

The nice thing about cold weather is with all that extra winter running gear, one can find a place to carry keys, change and other small things. But if you'd still need a little something extra to carry your stuff, here are some other running accessories to check out.

Running Shoes

And since the most important thing in every running season is to have a good pair of running shoes, here are some tips on finding the perfect all weather running shoe for you in order to make your run a little easier and help you avoid injury.

More Tips on Surviving Winter Running

Once you have selected your perfect winter running gear, here are some tips to help you survive your running in the cold.

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