Tips for Running in Winter

Running in winter, of course we hope Spring will be here soon so we won't have to do it for very long! But while we are waiting for warm weather, here are some tips for winter running from moms of various places, temperatures and climates.

Running in Winter

Why run in the winter?

According to some of the running moms, running in winter makes them faster. They say this is because they are running away from the cold.

In addition, if you live in a place where there is a lot of snow, running through snow is like running through sand, it gives you an extra workout, making those legs stronger and faster.

How do you survive winter running?

Do you run in the snow and cold, stay on the treadmill or hibernate until warmer weather? Share your winter running tips and stories.

How do you survive winter running?

Do you run in the snow and cold, stay on the treadmill or hibernate until warmer weather? Share your winter running tips and stories.

Wrap your feet in saran wrap.

My friend Marny who lives and runs in the mountains of Colorado, I'm talking she can run 20 miles in the mountains for my 10 in moderate hills (as we speak she is racing her 3rd 50 mile ultra marathon), has some advice for the hard core runner.

To keep your feet from getting wet, wrap them in saran wrap.

Just be careful to wrap your feet after you have put your socks or tights on, and make sure the saran wrap does not touch your skin in any place or as she put it, "Ouch!"

The first mile is the hardest.

This tip comes from my friend Anne who recently completed a half marathon which she trained for in 20 degree weather.

When deciding how to dress for running in winter, Anne says of her choice of tights, wool socks, dry-fit shirt, wind breaker, hat and gloves, "I found that I was cold for the first mile or so (actually FREEZING) but I'd warm up quickly and be comfortable once I got my sweat on."

Surviving running the first mile in clothes that would make anyone standing still in the same temperature freeze seems like a decent pay-off to wearing lots and lots of layers that you will end up having to peel off and wrap around your waist once you warm up.

Layers and warm extremeties are key.

The way I survive running in winter in New York City which is much colder than the Texas temperatures I grew up in, but not near as cold as the temperatures survived by some of my Canadian and more Northern State running moms this.

1) I wear layers. On the coldest days, I will wear a long sleeved tech shirt, with a cotton shirt over it and a jacket over that. I also somtimes layer my pants, with a pair of running tights under a pair of sweat pants. Sometimes I will also layer my socks.

2) I always make sure I have on a hat, gloves and that I have a way of keeping my feet dry (for example, by using the saran wrap tip above from Marny if I'm running in that muddy slush that hangs out in the corners of the sidewalks for days and sometimes weeks after a New York City snow storm.

3) I have a gym membership. Don't know what I'd do without it on those days when I just can't take the ice and slush on the ground. It's not the cold and wind so much as what my feet might land in that gets to me.

Don't warm up too fast when you get home.

If you've done this once, you will probably never need to be told again.

While a warm shower or bath might sound wonderful, don't jump right in when you get in from the cold. Otherwise you will be confronted by a mixture of itching, burning and just ouch!

So warm up gradually, when you go to wash your hands, start with cold water and do the same in the shower or wait 'till you've warmed up a bit.

But don't let this stop you from getting right out of those wet clothes as soon as you get home to avoid chafing.

Clothes and Gear for Running in Winter

Here are some of our favorite winter running gear.

Alternative to Running in Winter

If all this reading about winter running is making you want to stay in your cozy home, no worries, the world needs sane people! Bellow are some workout options you can do from the comfort of your home and still stay in shape this winter so you are ready to greet the spring with your awesome self!

Rebounder Workout

Treadmill Running Tips

At Home Workouts



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