Running Safety Gear

Running safety gear is for any running who runs alone or in the dark, you can never be too safe!

Running Safety Gear

We all want to be safe when we are out on our runs. There are several little things you can do to be safer during a run. For example if you run in the dark, wear reflective gear so that cars can see you. Or carry pepper spray so if an aggressive dog approaches you can spray them and get away. Running safety gear can be almost anything that will keep you safer on a run. Below are a few items I run with and doing so makes me feel safer hopefully they will make you feel safer too. So run smart and run safe.

If you run at night or dusk then you need reflective gear. This belt is great because it is not cumbersome and truthfully you don't even know it is there, however it will let drivers know you are there which is the point.
When I am out at dusk or in the dark, I always clip this light to my reflective belt. It is just something extra to make sure I am seen. This is also a great light if you are biking in the dark too, it is easy to clip on and will let everyone know you are there.
Another piece of running safety gear to have when running in the dark is a head lamp . Not only does it let people know you are there, but it will light your way as well.
Every runner should have a Road ID. I never go running without mine. A Road ID has all your contact information and medical information on it. So if the worst does happen the first responders have the information they need. Road ID
Pepper spray is a great thing to carry with you on a run, it can help to fend off an aggressive dog or an aggressive person. This pepper spray is designed for runners, it has the extra strap to make it easy to hold while on your run.
This Collapsible Baton is another great item for defence running. If you have to defend your self against an aggressive dog or person you sure could give them a good hit with this thing. It also comes in a pouch you can clip on to your pants or shorts to make it easier to run with.
Th is Pepper Spray Baton is a great piece of running safety gear. It is not an expandable baton, but if you are close enough to who you need to hit this will hurt. It also sprays pepper spray out the end so if you are not too close just spray and run! The only down side to this one is you will have to hold it in your hands, it does not clip on and does not have a cool strap like the spray above. But if you are undecided on what you want for protection, then this is great because it is both a baton and spray.



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