The Perfect Running Accessories

When it comes to running accessories, it is best to travel as light as possible. The less to weigh us down the better right! Here is a list of my favorite running accessories:

Fuel Belt
running accessories, fuel belt This is a nice thing to have if you need to carry your own drinks with you while your running. They usually come with anywhere from 4-8 bottles which are removable. They also have a pouch for your keys, change, running gels or whatever else you need to have on you. You can even buy an extra clip on pouch if you need it.

The fuel belt is a very light-weight way of carrying your stuff and the weight is spread out very well. It is even nice just to have for the pouch even if you don't carry the fuel belt.

The only downside is you they tend to be on the smaller side, which can be a bit of a problem for us curvy moms.

Also, you'll want to play around with it to see if it's more comfortable wearing it on your waist line or closer to your hips.

Fuel Belt Pouch

fuel belt, waist pouch

My personal favorite pouch to carry on long runs is this Fuel Belt Pouch . It's actually made to go on the FuelBelt belt and can be added to it, but I just clip it onto the waist of my shorts.

It's big enough to fit my blackberry, a couple gus, set of keys and ID.

Balega Enduro Ladies Running Socks

running accessories, running socks When it comes to socks, I like a sock with a little extra cushioning. Some might prefer a lighter sock that's more breathable, but with my heavy step, the more cushion the better to sooth my poor feet. I also like these because they come up just high enough on the ankle so my sneakers don't dig in and give me blisters.

Wrist Wallet

running accessories, wrist runner, running pouch, runners wallet

One of the most convenient and light-weight running accessories, this is a nice small, zippered-compartment that you can wrap around your wrist. It's perfect if you are going for a short run and just need a place to tuck your keys and change. The only downside for me is that I don't like anything at all around my wrist. Even though it Velcros closed and there's no elastic or anything involved, I still find it uncomfortable. But I've barely gotten used to wearing a watch.

running accessories, runners headband, running headband, headband, runners hats Headbands, Wristbands, Hats

The head band is nice for keeping your hair out of your face, but if your running in cold or sun, you're going to want a hat to protect your head from being frozen or cooked in the elements.

My personal choice: a red hat with the word "Iceberg" written across it in blue and white. The hat is the perfect place to proudly display your unique ideas, logo, personality. Most people think the iceberg is where I'd rather be when I'm running in the heat but it's actually a brand of vodka. Other nice things to put are your name so people can cheer for you, the candidate you want people to vote for or anything else you like.

Hat competition: Share your unique running hat. Once a year, the most clever, interesting and unique hat will be shown and the winner will receive a three month's supply of protein shakes. Contact running-mom for details. Timex Women's Ironman Triathlon Watch

running accessories, running watch, timex ironman watch, interval watch

If your going to do the run/walk, this is the perfect watch for you and it's UNDER $40. It has two intervals so you can set the first for your run and the second for your walk. For example, when I ran the NYC marathon, I set it so it beeped after three minutes, then after one minute and repeated this throughout the course so I could run for three minutes and walk for one minute. For more on the run/walk,

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