Compression Socks

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Why did the runner wear compression socks?

Compression Socks

So she could run more mileage than she had trained for.

True story. About two weeks before I was scheduled to run my first 30 mile run and the longest run I had completed training for it was 13 miles, I called up a running mom friend / coach who was flying in for the occasion.

I told her, "I don't know if I can do this. I haven't trained and my shins have been bothering me."

She replied, "Oh you'll be fine. Just get some compression sleeves for your shins."

Sure enough I purchased a pair of bright orange compression sleeves and 30 miles later I had no pain in my shins.

What Are Compression Sleeves?

There are several types of compression sleeves. You can get them in socks, tights, capris, shorts or sleeves that just go from your knee to your ankles. You can get them to wear while you run or as recovery sock for after you run.

What Do Compression Socks Do?

Compression tights or socks, when worn after a run are supposed to improve oxygen flow to the muscles and assist the removal of lactic acid, thus helping speed up recovery & reducing muscle soreness.

Some runners wear compression wraps, socks or tights during the run in order to be able to perform with less muscle soreness as in the story I described at the top of this page.

What Kind of Compresson Sleeves / Socks Should I Wear?

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves go from your ankle to just bellow the knee. This is what I wore on my 30 mile run to help prevent shin pain.

CW-X makes compression tights full length or 3/4 length, shorts and socks. I have the 3/4 length tights and wear them on my long runs. They take some getting used to because they are quite fitted, but once you get used to them, they are are supposed to help prevent muscle soreness and I have never had any chafing in them. 

Sugoi also makes a a great race and recovery sock for runners.

You can also find compression tights or socks at your local medical supply center and if you have varicose veigns or some other health issue that these will help with, you might be able to get your doctor to write you a prescription for them.

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