Workouts to Target Abs

Target abs is something you can do while running, throughout the day, and in specific ab workouts.

Target Abs

Tips for Targeteting Your Abs While Running

While you're running try squeezing in your abs. This is great for helping workout your abs and shrink your waistline. In addition, it will help you have a better posture and develop core strength.

10 Ways to Target Abs Throughout the Day

You can workout your abs throughout the day doing various activities. Here are some ways to think about toning, strengthening and workout out your abs while you go through your day as a running mom.

  1. Do a 10 minute ab workout right before you run as a warm up.

  2. Run to a beautiful grassy park area, stop and do some stretching and abs, then run home. If you run at the gym, picture a beautiful grassy park ;-)

  3. Do 10 minutes of abs right after you run, while the adrenaline is still going.

  4. While you're watching tv or a movie, do some abs. Planks are especially good for this since you can do them anywhere and focussing on something else makes it easier to last longer in the plank position.

  5. While your sitting at your desk, think about your posture and suck your abs in. You can even do miniature situps at your desk while on that boring conference call. For more east workouts 10 minute workouts you can do from your home or desk throughout the day, click here.

  6. While your walking, watch your posture and squeeze in your abs.

  7. While you're running, squeeze in your abs.

  8. While you're running uphill, think core strength.

  9. While you're pushing the jogging stroller, or any stroller, watch your posture and squeeze in your abs.

  10. While you're carrying the stroller up the stairs of your apartment, the subway, a building or any other stairs, or for that matter, anything you do in a day, think core strength.

More Workouts that Target Abs

Here are a variety of great ab workouts that you can do at home with little or no equipment.

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