Fun Home Fitness Programs

Fitness programs don't have to be a huge deal. Doing some simple things throughout your day can really help.

Fitness Programs

Need some workouts that you can easily do at home without buying expensive equipment or cluttering up your house?

Jump Roap Workout
There are all kinds of creative ways you can jump rope to burn some extra calories and get a full body workout. One in particular that my baby's daddy enjoys is a jump-rope-kick-boxing workout. Basically, you swing the rope, then kick one leg out, then swing the rope again, then kick the other leg out and repeat for as long as possible.

Some good old jumping jacks are a great way to burn some calories and get your heart rate up. One way to get creative and accomplish a very affective workout is to do ten minutes of jumping jacks, then thirty sit-ups. Repeat twice. You've just done a full-body workout in 45 minutes.

If you want to get more creative or get in more of a workout, pick up some weights while you do the jumping jacks.

Jumping Jax

Squats will give you upper leg strength so you don't have as much pain in your knees, shins and calves when you're running. Squats are also great to increase your fitness in order to give birth. And finally, squats are a good way to get those hips and butt in shape and looking sexy!

Do them while you are getting ready in the morning, or cooking dinner. You can even do them while on the phone.

Pickup some weights to increase level of workout.

Situps are the best workout for your core, and that is why they are part of all fitness programs. One way to mix it up a bit is to use an exercise ball when doing them. Another great sit up for your sides is to lie down on your side and crunch up with both your legs and your upper body. If you leave the arm on the ground straight out it will give you some extra support. Trust me you will feel this one! For more Ab workouts Click Here

Lunges can be done anywhere. I do these around the house all the time. It is a great way to get in some muscle work when I just don't have the time. So next time you need to walk to another room do your lunges there instead!

You can also add some weights here to increase the difficulty of the workout. And if you want to make it more fun, have a race with the kids to see how fast you can lunge down the hall.

Pushups are a great way to strengthen your upper body. And if you want great arms, then this is the workout for you. Many women start with their knees on the ground which is much easier. For this fitness programs I will suggest you start with your feet on the ground and do as many as you can then put your knees down and do more.
Do these at night during the commercials of your favorite shows and get fit while you relax.

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