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Calisthenics workout, here are some that you can do at home with little or no equipment.

Calisthenics Workout

Calisthenics are a great way to get a lot done in a short amount of time. You can burn a sweat, burn some calories and get in a full body workout with some cross training and weight training.

Calisthenics Workouts With No Equipment

What you need to know how to do:

The way it works is this. Instead of a traditional workout where you do so many reps, take a break and do so many more reps, repeat once more and then move on to the next thing, with calisthenics, you do one set of each thing without taking a break, then move right on to the next thing.

So you might start with abs, then go right to pushups, then to tricep dips, then to squats, then lunges and then repeat the whole thing 1-2 more times.

To get in an even more intense workout in a short time, you can even combine arms and legs as you will see next.

Add Weights to Your Calisthenics Workout

If you have some weights, you can add some more arm workouts into your squats and lunges in order to burn some exra sweat.

During your squats, add in some military presses.

During your lunges, add in some basic curls.

In addition, while you're on the ground doing your abs, add in some arm presses (bench presses, but done laying on the floor instead of on a bench).

You can find some illustrations of these workouts here.

Add a Rebounder to Your Calisthenics Workout

This is one of my favorite cross training and strength training workouts. I will turn on some of my favorite music, get on the rebounder and dance, jump, bounce, kick and run in place. Then I'll take a break here and there and do some abs, pushups, tricep dips and weights.

I usually do it like this. I'll set up my playlist so that every other song makes me want to do some hard cardio on the rebounder and the songs in between feel more slow and intense.

Then I'll jump on the rebounder during the dance songs and during the songs in between, I'll go back and forth between abs, pushups (for a modified pushup, instead of going on your knee, you can pushup from the edge of the rebounder) and tricep dips (which you can also do from the edge of the rebounder).

In addition for some of the songs that I'm doing cardio on the rebounder, I'll pick up some weights and hold them in my hand and do some shoulder and arm work while I'm running in place.

I also like to do some kick boxing moves on the rebounder. I'll do front kicks, back kicks, side kicks, squats, japs and punches.

Here are some great shoulder workouts you can throw into your calisthenic rebounder workout.

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