Home Ab Workouts

For home ab workouts that you can do without any equipment at all, click here.

Home Ab Workouts

Now lets look at some great ab workouts that require some equipment and are incredibly effective. These are all done with standard equipment that you will have access to if you're a member of a gym, or you can buy it to do these workouts at home.

Crunch on Ball  

Doing crunches on the ball is very effective for working out your absand it can be easier on your head and kneck.You can do the simple crunches or more advanced crunches.

It will also be more of an effective ab workout, because you won't be able to use your legs to help lift yourself up the way you might tend to while doing crunches on the floor.

Ball Crunches
Knee Raises

Knee Raises

Knee Raises

This is one of the best ab workouts! You will need access to the gym to do this or you will need one of these machines.Knee Raises

Hang from the machine with your hands resting on the side arm rests and then bring your knees up to your waist. This is great for working out both your abs and your obliques.

To work out your abs, bring your knees up to your waist directly in front of you. Repeat this 10-30 times. As you get stronger try keeping your legs straight instead of bent while doing this.

To work out your obliques, twist your knees to the right and bring them up to your waist but to the side, do this 10-30 times. Now do this on the other side.

Repeat the whole thing twice for a great ab workout.

Rebounder Ab Workouts
Rebounder Abs

The rebounder or mini trampoline is a great piece of inexpensive equipment that you can keep in your house for some very effective and fun ab and cardio workouts.

You can find some great rebounder ab workouts here.


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