Treadmill Running Tips

Working Through the Boredom

Treadmill running tips, here are some to help you get through the boredom of what some call "running on the dreadmill."

Treadmill Running Tips

Play with The Buttons

Adding some intervals to your workout can make running on the treadmill a lot less boring and this can also be a great training technique to make you faster and stronger.

One of my favorite things to do on the treadmill is a progression run. I will start at a comfortable pace and keep increasing the speed in small increments until I feel like I can't go any faster. Then I'll increase it one more time and hold that pace for a minute.

I might carry this out for one run or I might do ten minutes of this and then switch to hills, increasing the level of the hill higher and higher, taking turns with speed intervals and hill intervals.

Intervals can also be really good if you are trying to lose weight by running.

Here are some more treadmill interval training tips.

Update the iPod

Nothing gets me more excited about going for a run then updating the iPod. I try not to run with music all the time, but sometimes it really helps you get through a funk. Here are some of my favorite running songs.

Another great thing to listen to while your running is podcasts.

Get a Workout DVD

Another thing you might try is working out to a DVD. You could make this a DVD for entertainment like a movie, or a running DVD, like this one.

Picture Board

I love to picture running in some of my favorite places when I'm on the treadmill. If I'm going for a 10k, I'll picture myself running my favorite 10k loop in Central Park. Or if I'm running the last mile of a run, I'll picture myself running the last 20 blocks by my house. I'll even count down in my head. 20...19...18......3...2..1 (20 blocks = a mile).

Or I'll picture the scenery from some of my favorite races that I've done, or think of places that I would love to run.

If you have a treadmill at home, you can take this a step further and put up a wall of beautiful places that you've run or would like to run in front of your treadmill to help stimulate your imagination while you run.

Warmup Before You Get on The Treadmill

The hardest part about running on the treadmill is usually the warmup. But you can get through that by doing some other workout as a warmup, such as some strength training or abs.

The benefits of this are twofold, 1) doing some weights type of workout will probably get you warmed up and in the mood to run and 2) weight training is very good for runners.

Here are some tips on weight training for runners.

You can find some more treadmill running tips here.

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