A Fun and Efficient Running Technique

Runwalkjog technique is great if you're just getting started running, running long distance or just find plain old running boring.

Run Walk Jog

My friend, Wendy is the one who first told me about the run walk technique. You can check out my interview with her about this running method here.

Here are a couple of ways I have found the runwalkjog technique to be effective.

Getting Started Running After Time Off

Whenever I'm just getting started running again and feel totally out of shape and like I can barely run a mile, I go back to the runwalkjog. I'll jog for two minutes, then run for two minutes, then walk for one minute and keep repeating.

I also do this on days that I'm just not feeling like getting out there at all. I find it helps me get in a run I otherwise wouldn't do if I just tell myself "five more minutes 'till a walk break."

Then as I get back into the feel of running and start feeling stronger again, I'll increase my run/jog time until I can cut the walk time to just when I need a fuel break.

Saving Energy on Longer Runs

When I'm doing a long run that I either didn't train for enough and don't want to get injured doing or I just don't feel like I have it in me to finish, I'll do a run walk for the whole thing or switch to a run walk for the last several miles.

RunWalkJog Techniques

Run On Flat and Downhill Terrain, Walk Uphill

This is great if you're running a long distance race and your goal is to finish, but you're not going for a specific time.

It's also great if you're pushing your kid(s) in the jogging stroller and will need the energy to get everyone home in one piece at the end of your run.

Another reason you might do this, is if the hills hurt your back. You can find some more tips on hill training here.

The way it works is simple. You just run or jog all the flat or downhill terrain and walk the hills.

I did this for the first marathon I ran after I had my baby and it was great. I was able to run while pushing my son in the jogging stroller for all the training runs, finish the marathon in good spirits and still make it the one hour home on the subway after.

Run Walk Intervals

This is more of a planned run walk method. I did this on the 30 miles for my 30th birthday that I hadn't trained properly for and didn't want to hurt myself.

I started out with a 5:1 (run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute) around the halfway mark, changed to a 4:1 and every time I felt like I didn't have enough energy to go on, I just changed the intervals. This helped me keep going when I was just totally fatigued.

Run Walk Jog as a Speed Training Workout

On some of my speed training runs, I use the runwalkjog technique. I'll do intervals of anywhere from five minutes per interval to one mile per interval.

Say, if the interval is five minutes, I'll jog the first two minutes, sprint the second two minutes and walk the last minute to recover. I find this both fun and effective for a speed training workout.

You can find more speed training workouts here.

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