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Cathy: Mom of 5 Girls

Running woman, meet inspiring mom of the month, Cathy.

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I met Cathy through an online group of running moms and her advice is always so uplifting and inspiring.

running womanThis interview took place in December, just after she had completed her third marathon. She seemed to feel amazing after this, compared to her previous two marathons. I was interested in finding out how she managed to persevere through two tough marathons and yet still sign up for a third and rock it!

She is now training to run her fourth marathon in March.


Interview with Inspiring Running Woman, Cathy

How old were you when you started running? Have you always been so fit?

I was 45 when I started running, I used to be a competitive bodybuilder waaaay back in the 80's. But that is it for fitness until now.

running womanWho or what inspired you to start running?

I started running because I felt really out of shape and Jack wanted me to enter and expierence running a 5k.

Does Jack run with you?

I do run with jack occasionally but I cannot keep up with him. :) He is my biggest fan besides my girls. :) He is who always tells me YES YOU CAN when I have doubts.

What do you love most about being a running woman?

I love love love the feeling of running ouside and exploring different paths and of course training for a race!!

running womanHow do you fit in running as a working mom of 5 kids?

I fit in running anytime I can. I run when they are at school on my mornings off and I do my long run on Saturdays.

Do any of your kids run?

Emily has started running with me, I am very excited about that!!!

I saw her updates when you were running the marathon. She seems so proud of you. That is awesome that you inspire your daughter in this way. Did she just one day say, "Mom I want to go running with you?"

After the marathon Emily said I kinda want to go running but I can't go as far as you. I said, "Ohhhh yes you can, all you have to do is start. I started running 30 second intervals when I started!! so she has started last week.

running womanWhat do you do for cross training?

I do yoga, and weights 5 days a week. Love YOGA!!

Can you give some weight training tips to us running woman who hate doing weights but know we should?

I do weights at home in the morning before I take the kids to school. I will do one body part a day, like biceps, I will do 6 sets of 15-20 reps with 10 lbs or 12 lbs, then the next day I will do push-ups, 6 sets of 12-15 reps, and so on.

How many miles per wk do you run?

My mileage before the marathon was around 150-200 a month. I really upped it to try and do better, it seemed the last two marathons I struggled so much and I REALLY wanted to do better!

running womanWhat was the difference between the way you trained and prepared for this marathon vs the first two?

I did not run enough for the first 2 marathons, this last one with TNT I ran twice as much as the coaches told us to on the schedule during the week, SSHHHHH dont tell!! But I felt I needed to do more to get better.

And I finally figured out my nutrition. I do a GU and water or GU BREW every 40 min. on the button and I felt sooooooooooooooo FANTASTIC the whole race!! I kept waiting to hit the wall and it never happened!!!

What are your running goals?

My running goals are keep training, get faster, I absolutely love the marathon distance now, and I plan on doing a 50k next year along with a Triathlon in July called the GREAT RACE. It's kayak, bike run with some of the TNT members.

running womanThat is so cool that you can kayak instead of swim. I don't know how to swim, but would love to do a marathon, how does this work?

The triathlon is a team event I think. I am doing it with TNT members.

Running woman who can't swim, stay tuned, I for one can't wait to find out more about this!

What running achievement are you most proud of accomplishing?

I am most proud of Running with TNT and THE NIKE marathon. It was the most awesome feeling knowing we raised money and were running to help people. Truly humbling. It made me feel good. I truly love to run. It makes me happy.

running womanDo you have any good running stories?

Running makes me feel alive. My Mom never did or went anywhere her whole life, was afraid to do or try anything and she died very young at 58, and I vowed I will live and do and experience as much as I can!! I want to LIVE life!!!! BE THE ACTION NOT WATCH THE ACTION.

What do you love about meeting other running woman through your running and what affect has this had on your running?

The moms running group rocks. They GET IT. such an inspirational motivating group. Heck, Tara flew halway across the the US to run my first marathon with me!!! I love the running moms. I feel like they are my closest friends.

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