How a Marathon Mom Achieves
A Clean House and A Fit Body All in One

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Dirty floors to mop? Bathtubs to scrub? Baskets of laundry to be carted back and forth? With all that running, training, chasing after kids, raising a family and everything else that we do in addition to being a marathon mom, we have to know how to multi-task.

And one way to multi-task is to look at getting a fit body and accomplish something such as a clean house while we're at it. I actually grew up on a farm and we used to say that we should open our own special kind of gym and charge people to come help us out and get in a workout while they're at it. And I must say, I never needed a gym, growing up.

Now that I live in New York City, I have to be more creative as a marathon mom. And this is just one of the ways that I am learning to be creative and as tidy as possible. Housework is a great way to get in a workout. Thirty minutes to an hour of non-stop cleaning will not only make your home sparkle, it will do wonders for your fitness as well.

My eight month old has just learned to crawl and it is amazing the mess that he makes. I put him in his playpen, clean up the place, and then let him crawl around on the floor and in ten minutes, books are off the shelves, shelves are knocked down, small furniture is being moved, toys are all over the place.

But the beauty of it, is I have never been more fit. By running around cleaning up his messes, I get in a great alternative workout.

Other household workouts: cleaning windows, cleaning the oven, scrubbing anything that requires elbow grease and sweat.

Outdoor Workouts

If you have an outdoor area, this is a great way to get in an alternative workout as well as get some fresh air. Great outdoor workouts are lawn mowing and gardening. Even if you have a small garden, gardening is a great workout for you and a good activity for your children as well. Oh and don't forget the dirty kids you will have to clean up.

If you live in the city and don't have a back yard or front yard to work with, how about joining a neighborhood garden plot and taking your kids there once a week. A great way for them to see how things grow, get some fresh air and you all get in a nice workout. What do you want to bet, your kids won't have any trouble going to bed after that.

Shopping and Running Errands

Grocery shopping? A day out on the town with the girls? It is amazing how strong your arms will become from carrying bags. It's like lifting weights.

So if you are training for a marathon or just trying to get into shape, don't over estimate the power of cleaning, shopping and gardening. It will make you feel better all the way around. If just for a moment a clean house, and the more activity, the more in shape you get. It's a win-win.

But if as a marathon mom, you already lead a very active lifestyle and you're just exhausted, need a break, don't need the extra work, but don't have the money to hire a maid. How about letting your kids get in a good workout! ;-)

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