How to Choose Running Shoes
What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Wondering how to choose running shoes? You have come to the right place. Your running shoes are probably THE most important (and most expense) piece of running gear you will own. So before you invest, here are a few things you should know.

How to Choose Running Shoes

How To Choose Running Shoes: Shoe Size

Ever lost a toe nail running or had a painful feeling in your toes as if you had stubbed them after you finished a run?

This is most likely brought on by having a pair of running shoes that are too small for you. But not to worry, there is a simple solution.

Your feet expand when you run, so you need your running shoes to be bigger than your everyday shoes. So if your normal shoe size is a size 8, buy a size 9 pair of running shoes.

How to Choose Running Shoes: Gait Analysis

A good running shoe store will have someone working there who will analyze your gait to help you pick out a good pair of running shoes.

Many will have a treadmill that you will run on for a few minutes, while they watch you and a video will probably be recording your gait as well. They will be able to see things like where you put your foot down, and whether your toes tend to point inwards or outwards. Some stores don't have all this, but the sales person will watch you walk and can tell a lot about your gait from that alone.

This will help them decide whether you need a stability running shoe or some other type of running shoe. For example if your foot tends to pronate (toes point outward) your shins might be doing more work to compensate for this. Over time the extra work on your shins can cause shin splints, so to avoid this, a stability running shoe will help you by taking some of the added work off your shins.

They will then help you make some shoe selections, you should try running in these shoes again to see if they feel comfortable for you. If the store you are at does not have a treadmill they will let you try them at home, check the return policy though before you try running outside they may not take them back if they are dirty.

Running shoes are usually more expensive in the shoe stores that offer this service, so once you know what shoe is right for you and you just need a replacement shoe, you might try shopping online for your next pair of running shoes.

How to Choose Running Shoes: Know the Store Return Policy

Running shoes are expensive and they might seem perfect in the store but start causing you problems the minute you try to run in them outside. Most running shoes stores will have a one week or two week return policy because of this. However many running stores state in there policy that shoes worn outside may not be returned. I have personally tried many shoes outside and have brought them back with no issues. Only because I clean them up really good before I try to return them. So if you run outside in your new shoes and decide they are not for you clean them up really good and you should not have an issue returning them.

You don't want to be stuck with a pair of shoes that hurt while you run, so if the store you go to does not offer a return policy don't get them there find another store.



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