Drinking and Running
To Fuel or to Sabotage Your Run?

Drinking and running, will it help or hinder your run?

drinking and running

My advice: Don't Drink and Run. One of my coaches used to ask us all at the beginning of the run, "Raise your hand if you got you're carbs from beer last night!" And most of us would raise our hands.

Sure, beer is high in carbs. But it is also very dehydrating. So although I have prepared for many a run by drinking pitchers of beer, I recommend saving the beer celebration for after the run.
However, if you do drink the night before, here's my recommendation. Keep a gallon of water by your bed and drink it throughout the night.

The next morning, drink a Gatorade or some other high-electrolyte, preferably low calorie liquid replenisher.

In fact, I recommend something like this before, during and after all your runs, whether you are dehydrated or not. I make sure to drink a high-electrolyte drink, starting at least the day before a long run. I've found it can make all the difference.

You might find that the more you run, the less you crave beer, at least I found that to be the case. The healthier foods I eat and the more I run the less I want or can even tolerate alcoholic beverages.

As far as drinking before a run while breastfeeding, most doctors will say a little wine or beer won't hurt while nursing, but drinking, running and nursing can be quite dehydrating.

But if you're committed to drinking and running, try a hash (here is the link to the one in NY if you are not sure what it is). I've heard they're a lot of fun. Or plan all your drinking for after your runs.

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