Womens Fitness
Achieving Better Sexual Fitness

Womens fitness is not just about working out and eating right, it is important to look at your sexual fitness too. Did you know that there are some simple workouts that can improve your sex life?

Womens Fitness

For starters, let's look at kegels.

What Are Kegels and Why Are They Important?

Kegels are very important for womens fitness. They are especially important for mommies, for staying sexually fit and for maintaining bladder control throughout our lifespan.

To find out what muscle I am talking about, the next time you are peeing, try to stop yourself midstream. If you can stop it without even leaking, you are very fit, but you should still do kegels to maintain this fitness. If you can't stop it, you need kegels, to workout this muscle called the pubococcygeus muscle on your pelvic floor.

Kegels are done just like you would workout any other muscle in your body: by squeezing it, then letting go and repeating this over and over. You can workout this muscle at any point in the day, whenever you think of it: when you are watching TV, right now as you are reading, when you are waiting in line, whenever it works for you. It is very easy to do and extremely important and effective. If you can do 100 reps at a time, that is good.

The sexual benefits of this are you will be more sexually fit and you will also gain more pleasure from sex. Your orgasms will be better and your partner will also be more pleasured by you being fit in this way.

And while I'm doing my kegels, I also like to work my butt. Just clench your butt and then let go over and over. Now, you will have a nice, firm butt and a strong pelvic floor. You will look good, you will feel good and you will be healthier throughout your life.

How Childbirth And Running Affects Your Sex Life

When it comes to womens fitness, I don't think this matter is discussed enough and yet it could save so much stress.

I think it should be a requirement that our gynecologist, midwife or doctor share this information with us. And we can bring so much happiness and relief to each others' lives by sharing this with each other, so pass it on.

I wish someone had told me this, when I first had my baby. One of the side affects of nursing, is vaginal dryness. So if you just had a baby, you're nursing and you notice that all of the sudden you're not as lubricant as you once were, it's not the end of the world.

Your sex life is not over and it's not because you're getting old. You will get over this, but for now, just have some lubricant nearby. Your will be back to normal in no time once you stop nursing. Just one of the many pleasures of having children! ;-)

This vaginal dryness also may affect your running, but no worries, there is an easy solution. I never had this problem until after I had my baby, before that I had chafing everywhere but here. But when I first started running after I had my baby, I noticed that I was having chafing in the vaginal area and this made sex, even peeing very painful.

So now I just put some Vaseline, Body Glide or other lubricant in the vaginal area as well as any other area I have problems with chafing BEFORE I go on my runs and everything is groovy.

The important thing is not to freak out when your body goes through changes due to childbirth, nursing, running or anything else. It is all a part of womens fitness and there is a way to deal with it. And the way I have found to deal with all this is kegels, lubricant, understanding and a little sweet TLC.

Sex After Baby

As if your screaming baby, leaking breasts, sleepless nights, and all the other side effects that come with having a baby are not enough of a toll on your sex life, your body also changes after sex.

Some positions that may have felt great can now be uncomfortable or even painful. But don't let this get you down. Take this as an opportunity to get to know each other all over again. Nothing spices up your sex life like a little creativity and your new body will spark much creativity!

And the changes are not all uncomfortable. Once you discover the new things that turn you on, you may find that you have better orgasms than ever before.

Womens Fitness: Sexercise

For more on exercise that will increase your sexual fitness, visit this site. It has some great illustrations on exercises you can try that will make you stronger, more flexible and more sexually fit. And these "sexercises" will make you a better runner too!

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