Chafing Skin

Treat the Problem and
Avoid that Pain from Ever Hapening Again!

Chafing skin is one of those things that every runner experiences at least once.

chafing skin

The first time it happens, you probably recognized it, for a moment even felt proud of your running battle scars until you took another step and wanted to scream with pain.

Or maybe you didn't even notice it...until you jumped into a hot shower.

Chafing skin can happen in any place on your body where your skin rubs together or your clothes rub your skin the wrong way.

But be of good cheer, it can be treated quickly and even avoided all together.

Here are some tips on how to treat chafing skin.

  1. Get out of your wet clothes right away.

  2. After taking a shower, apply generous amounts of Vaseline to all the burning areas.

  3. You might have to give it a full day for the pain and rash to completely go away. So until then, avoid clothing in the chafing area and if that is not an option, just be sure to always have generous amounts of Vaseline between your clothes and skin.

  4. If you don't have Vaseline, Aloe Vera or whatever you keep around for diaper rashes will also work.

How to never ever have this burning feeling again.

  1. Always get out of your wet clothes as soon as possible.

  2. Avoid cotton clothes when you are running. Cotton irritates the skin when it is wet, you want to run in non-cotton, breathable fabric.

  3. Apply Body Glide in generous amounts BEFORE your run. BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick is the runners secret weapon against chafing. It comes in a deodorant-like bottle and is sold in most running or sports stores. Or you can get it online by clicking here.

Don't be afraid to apply Body Glide quite generously to any area where your skin and your clothing will rub against each other while you are running or if you are like me and have a little meat on your legs and you are wearing shorts, apply it generously where your thighs might rub together during your runs.

Alternatives to Body Glide

The good thing about BodyGlide is that it is water resistant so when you sweat it won't come off. But if you are about to go for a run and you don't have any around, Vaseline or whatever you put on your kids diaper rash, while it might be a little more messy, will work just fine.

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