Interval Training Workouts

Book Review

Interval Training Workouts provides a basic how to on what is interval training and how you can use it to improve your running and other workouts.

Interval Training Workouts

Chapter One provides a basic understanding of how interval training works and how it can benefit you. It explains in depth the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise and why interval training workouts burns more calories, build muscle and provide better results faster than an aerobic workout.

Chapter Two helps you build a cardio foundation before starting on an interval workout plan. It gives some great exercise tips as well as specific recommendations for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant, teenagers and older exercisers.

Chapter Three you have completed the 8-week aerobic base training and you are ready to get started with your interval workout plan. Here you will gain a basic understanding of how an interval training works and certain terminology that will help explain any interval workout.

Chapter Four helps you customize the length and intensity of your interval workout.

Chapter Five gets to the fun part, some interval training workouts for runners as well as all types of other activities. Here you'll find a training schedule base that you can use if you're trying to get more fit, loose weight or train for a 5k or marathon.

You'll pick up some great ideas for specific interval training workouts such as hill training or fartlek training.

Chapter Six helps with motivation and goals setting. Some things discussed here are overtraining: how to tell if you're training too hard, what to do if you feel like you're overtraining, and other motivational tips.

Chapter Seven goes beyond interval training and offers tips on diet, understanding calories and your metabolism, what to eat before, during and after your workout, tips on strength training such as when and how to include strength training in your workout program, specific strength training exercises (illustrated), tips and illustrations on stretching and tips on how to avoid or treat injury.

Chapter Eight gets into some more advanced training programs for athletes who are competing.

This Interval Workout Book was not written for runners only. But unlike many running-specific books that I invested time and money in which turned out to be vague and didn’t explain things very well, this book explained to me how interval training works and how to get the most out of it as a novice runner training for my third marathon.

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