Woman Running Questions

Woman running questions, here are some of the most common ones. If you have a question that's not listed here, just type it in the form at the bottom of this page and another running mom will post a response right away.

Woman Running

What are some good foods to eat right after a run?

It's important to eat protein right after a run because this helps rebuild your muscles.

It also helps to eat foods that are high in alkaline because this helps decrease soreness. Some good alkaline-producing foods are spinach and raisins. Here is a list of alkaline-producing foods.

What are good sources of protein for runners?

The best type of protein shake is weigh because this source of protein is more easily absorbed than other types of protein shakes such as soy.

Other great sources of protein are low-fat chocolate milk, egg whites, chicken breasts and other lean meats, low fat cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.

When is the best time to drink a protein shake?

The best time to drink a protein shake is within 30 minutes after your run to help with recovery. But if you would like to drink a protein shake before your run, just give yourself at least 1 1/2 - 2 hours to digest it before your run.

What are healthy foods for runners?

For a list of healthy foods for runners before, during or after your run, see the runner's diet.

How can I eat to help me lose weight running?

1) Eat healthy, whole-grain carbs such as whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread and brown rice. This will help you get the nutrients and energy you need without giving you empty calories.

2) Eat lean meats such as chicken breast without the skin, lean turkey and low fat dairy.

3) Eat good-for-you fats. Not all fats are bad. Fish, avocados and nuts have important fats that are good for you, especially your joints, which is important to runners. Also eating foods like fish and nuts helps boos the metabolism.

4) Eat foods in as close to their raw form as possible. Try not to eat processed foods. Instead eat raw or frozen vegetables and fruits.

For more tips to help you eat healthy and still lose weight running, check out running for weight loss.

If I'm nursing and running, will running affect my milk supply?

No, nursing should not affect your milk supply. Your body will automatically supply whatever your baby demands. You are more likely to have a problem with let down happening in the middle of a run. This can be avoided by nursing your baby right before you go for a run.

Just make sure you are eating plenty of healthy foods and you will be just fine. Also, make sure to take a multi-vitamin.

Will wearing a running sports bra affect my milk production?

I've never had this problem. It can get a little uncomfortable sometimes, though, when your milk comes in while you're running in a sports bra. To avoid this, nurse right before your run and if that's not possible, try pumping.

I brought a pump to the NYC marathon and pumped right before I checked my bag. It was a little awkward but I felt much better than when I ran the NYC half marathon a few months before without pumping. Now that was painful!

No matter what, you get through it, you're not alone, and the more outrageous the experience, the better story to tell later! ;-) Speaking of, feel free to share your stories here.

I'm nursing and running a marathon? What do I do about expressing my milk during my marathon?

Bring a pump to the marathon, pump right before you check your bag and again as soon as you pick up your bag. Some of the longer ultra marathons allow you to come through back check during the race or have a support team to bring you what you need at certain meeting spots, so you can always have a pump available at these points too.

What is a good sports bra to run and nurse in?

My new favorite is the Fiona Moving Comfort It is so comfortable to run in and the straps can be undone in the front, allowing you to nurse in it too.

Here are some more running sports bra reviews by other running moms.

I just had a baby and now I want to get back in shape. What is a good post partum running plan?

1) Start out walking for the first six weeks until you get the okay from your doctor or midwife to start exercising again.

2) When you do get the okay to start exercising, take it slow. Expect to be a little discouraged at first, but just take it slow and you'll be back and better than ever in no time. Don't do too much too soon. I know these are words easier said than done, but just remember, if you do too much too quick, you could injure yourself and end up having to take even more time off.

3) Congratulate yourself for each accomplishment, post-baby. If your first mile post baby is 12 minutes and a month later you're running an 11 minute mile, don't kick yourself because you used to do a 9-10 minute mile. Instead, celebrate your post-partum PR and keep working at it. I know it's not easy and it can be discouraging, but remember, a good attitude makes anything more bearable!

4) Sign up for a short race, like a local 5 or 10k. Get the daddy or someone else to watch your new baby, take some time to yourself so you remember it's still you under all those bottles and dirty diapers and just have a good time. Even better, treat yourself to a brunch after the race.

For more post partum exercise tips, click here.

I just found out I'm having a baby. How will I manage to fit running into my schedule after the baby comes?

It will take some time and adjustments, so hang in there. Some options are 1) running when your partner is with the baby, 2) pushing the baby in a jogging stroller, 3) joining a gym with daycare. Usually the gym with daycare doesn't accept kids under 6 months.

Most importantly, remember you are not alone. You can meet other running moms in your area or chat online with other running moms and find out how they do it. Here is one such running mom community.

Are there running strollers for infants?

Yes. Visit the running stroller reviews for more on which strollers come infant-ready.

At what age can my baby start riding in the jogging stroller?

It depends on your baby, on the type of stroller and on where you will be running. My baby was able to run in our BOB stroller at two or three months old, but I ran mostly on smooth surfaces, the BOB Revolution has very good shocks so neither of us felt the bumps and he was able to support his head easily.

For more tips on running with your baby in a jogging stroller, click here.

I'm training for a marathon and I just found out I'm pregnant. Can I still run the marathon?

You should check with your doctor and listen to your body, but if you were already training and in good shape when you got pregnant, there are a lot of women that have run while they were pregnant.

Here is an interview with a running mom who ran her first marathon when she was 10 weeks pregnant.

I'm pregnant with my second kid. Any advice on how to get workouts in when you work full time, have a little one at home and feel terrible most the time!

This can be tough, so just remember, anything is better than nothing. Start with two 30 minute workouts a week either in the morning before the kids are up, in the evening after they go to bed or during nap time. Or just go for a nice walk.

I didn't feel quite right again until I joined a gym that offered daycare. If you can afford this, I highly recommend it. Being able to get someone else to watch your kid so you can get on the treadmill, turn up the music and get a few moments to yourself is priceless.

Whether you're going to the gym, working out at home, going for a walk or running with your kids in the jogging stroller, remember the hardest part is getting there. Once you show up and start working out, chances are, you'll start feeling better.

But some days you just need a nap more than anything, so don't beat yourself up for taking some time off too. The most important thing is not too stress too much and to try to stay happy. Happy mama makes a happy baby! ;-)

Do you have t-shirts w/ the Running Mom logo on the back?

Coming soon! Be the first to know when they are available. Subscribe to our E-zine for updates.

How can I locate a race near where I live?

This site allows you to look up races by state and by type of race.

Runner's world also has a tool that allows you to look up races in your area.

Are there any running moms in my area?

Start or join a running mom group in your area by visiting this running mom network.

How can I meet other running moms like me?

1) This running mom community is a great way to meet other running moms. You can even join or start a running mom group in your area.

2) You can also visit the running mom forums and start or join discussions by other running moms.

3) Learn about other running moms by visiting the blog directory.

Where can I get good running socks?

My favorite running socks are the Balega running socks. They are so comfortable and I've never had any problems with chafing or anything else when I wear them. You can purchase them here .

I've taken some time off running. I was doing so good and now that I'm starting again, it just seems so hard. It's so discouraging. Can you give me some tips on how to start running all over again?

It can be tough starting over again and sometimes a little discouraging. The most important thing is to be patient with yourself. Don't expect too much too soon. Just enjoy being out there again.

Here are some tips and motivation for starting over.

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