New Balance Not for Running

by Anna
(New York City)

Usually a big Asics fan, I decided to go against my better judgment and try a New Balance stability running shoe (I never wore stability running shoes before).

Right away, I started noticing pain in my knees and shins that I'd never felt before. I thought maybe it was because I was training harder than ever...the shoes were just too dam comfortable to blame them!!!

But after giving my legs a rest until the pain went away only to have the pain come right back as soon as I started running again, I decided to consider my shoes. After all, I usually feel better after getting a new pair of shoes, not worse.

Another thing that cast suspicion on the new balance shoes were that a friend of mine also started experiencing knee pain earlier this year and had to take several weeks off of running, and she too was wearing new balance when her knee injury happened.

So I put my comfortable New Balance shoes away and went back to my old, worn out Asics. Hey, I spent $150 on these New Balances and I had worn them past their return wasn't in the budget to buy another pair of new shoes.

Anyway, as soon as I went back to my old Asics the pain went away. So I've crossed off New Balance from my list of running shoes. Yes, they make nice looking sneakers for wearing around town, but their running shoe department needs to do further research on what makes a good running shoe.

I'd love to hear anyone else's opinions on the New Balance Running Shoe. Maybe it was just a fluke...but that's my story.

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Jul 25, 2015
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Aug 15, 2011
New Balance not for walking either
by: Anonymous

Several months ago I bought a pair of New Balance MR1123s for walking a few miles a day. They are comfortable but they are worn out already and each shoe has a hole clear through the sole where the toes are. Never again will I buy New Balance shoes.

May 22, 2011
NB not so good
by: Anonymous

I did not care for NB.I usually get fit for shoes at the Running Room.My very first pair was Brooks and they were great.Sauchony next and they were good.NB after that and for a couple of months my feet would tense up so bad I was stopping constantly.My feet eventually go tused to the pain and I wore them out.I am back in brooks but am finding the same problem.I guess I have to decide if messing up my feet and causing an injury is worth $160 I paid for the shoes???

Jan 05, 2010
ease in to shoes
by: Anonymous

I'm starting to run, and I sell shoes (not for long), but one thing I've heard is to ease in to a new pair of running shoes. Different fits and feels won't be the best right away. I have a pair of NB that I will be using as running shoes (749's) until I decide I don't like them, then I will probably more to a Asic (I don't like Nike).

Go a short distance in your NB, then your Asics and then keep building up to the NB more. If they're comfortable in the store, where you're not running, they may not be a good fit. Do you need a stability shoe? If not, then you may have gotten the wrong shoe.

Nov 18, 2009
Not NB - but Brookes
by: Run U Mother

I haven't worn new balance but I can tell you a bad fit can ruin you! I wear Brookes and have been buying the same style for 2 years. But I think they changed the shoe somehow. The last pair I bought are killing my feet! Same thing about not being to return them - I've been suffering but can't take it any longer. I am afraid to buy another brand but I think I have to try something new!

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