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Inspiring Running Moms, Issue #002 -- Learn How to Increase Your Running Speed
February 01, 2009
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February 1, 2009
Issue #2

In This Issue

1) Increase your running speed

2) Nutrition tips

3) Running gear

4) Interview with Wendy, our inspiring mom of the month

5) Sneak peak at next month's Ezine

6) Share your stories

1) Speed Workouts

Want to run faster? There are a few things you can do that will increase your running speed as well as make you stronger so you donít burn out too quickly.

There is one non-running activity that is very important: weight training. Now I'm not talking about the kind of weight lifting that will make you big and bulky. Rather weight training for runners will make you stronger and faster.

Are you one of those runners that runs just because you love it and you donít consider it an actual workout? Does the idea of a real workout, such as weight lifting sound overwhelming? Well I have good news for you!

My friend Kari who is a marathon runner herself as well as an exercise physiologist and fitness trainer has put together a great how-to article just for us running moms. You can check it out here.

Another thing to help increase your running speed is interval training. We will get more into interval training next month, but for now, one variation of interval training is the run/walk. You can read a little more about the run/walk bellow in my interview with Wendy, our inspiring running mom of the month.

2) Nutrition Tips

In todayís modern diet trends, there seems to be a mis-conception that carbs are bad. As runners we know better. We know that carb loading is important to fuel our runs right? Well there is a balance. Carbs are not bad, but not all carbs are good either.

A healthy carb is something that is in itís whole, unprocessed form. For example, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice. Other great, healthy carbohydrates that will give you energy and fuel your runs are sweet potatoes and beans.

My favorite carb is whole wheat pasta. I was surprised the first time I tasted it by how delicious it was. And itís packed with vitamins and nutrients. Whole wheat pasta is a little more expensive, but itís so filling you wonít need to eat as much of it. You can usually find it right with the other pastas in your local grocery store.
You can find more healthy carbs or other meal ideas here.

Or if you have a delicious meal or snack recipe or idea youíd like to share with other running-moms, we'd love to hear it. You can share them here to be published on the site.

3) Running Gear

Do you find it hard to get time away from your little one(s) in order to go for a run? Why not take them with you? This is easier than it sounds, thanks to the jogging stroller.

It can be hard to find that perfect jogging stroller though. Everyone has different needs. Maybe you need a lightweight stroller because you do a lot of running or maybe itís more important to you to have a jogging stroller thatís easy to transport in your car or via public transportation.

A few of us running-moms have put together this jogging stroller review which will help you find the perfect jogging stroller for your needs. Enjoy!

4) Inspiring Running Mom of the Month: Wendy Phaff

Wendy gets all the credit for introducing me to running. Before that I was all talk, but she inspired me into action and running my first marathon.

Wendy is an inspiration for her strong, vibrant spirit and her ability to keep going no matter what, always with a smile on her face, regardless of having suffered many injuries (both running and non-running related).

In addition to working, going to school full time, raising two teenagers, and all the other things that come with a busy schedule, she still finds time to make running and fundraising a priority.

In this interview you will get to know a little about what keeps her going and you will gain some valuable advice that just might help you become a better runner. Check it out here.

5) Sneak Peak at Next Monthís Ezine

- More on Interval Training and Increasing Your Running Speed

Next month we will talk more about interval training, some interval training workouts and how it can increase your running speed and help to burn more fat.

- Home Workouts

Are you a busy mom who doesnít have the time or resource to make it to the gym? Iím putting together a home-workout program that will help you accomplish your fitness goals right at your own home or office.

I will be providing more details in next monthís issue, but for now, you can check out some home workout ideas here. - Meet Natalie

Natalie trained to run the NYC marathon last year but had to drop out just a few weeks before the marathon when she was already up to an 18-mile long run because of an injury. The choice she made was a hard one, but it will benefit her greatly in the long run (no pun intended!).

Next month we will learn from Natalie how to understand running injuries, know when to keep going and when to take a break, and we will hear how she is coming back stronger than ever.

6) Share Your Running Stories, Share Tips or Ask Questions

Have a great story or a tip on running or nutrition? Maybe something youíve read on has inspired or helped you? Or do you have a question you would like to have answered or a running-mom topic youíd like to see explored?

Weíd love to hear your feedback and future readers will thank you too! ;-)

Contact me with your story here, we may even publish it (with your permission) on or feature YOU in one of our Inspiring Running Moms Ezines.

Until next time, happy running!
Anna Stein

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